About Me

I grew up in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. I guess I'm what some would call an "Oil Brat."  In Jubail, I attended an international school and I lived in an international community.  My summers were spent with my family traveling the world, much like "The Griswalds."  When I was in my teens, we repatriated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Talk about culture shock but I survived!
I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2003 with a Bachelors in Arts. Competitive swimming was a childhood passion of mine that later evolved into: lifeguarding, swim coaching, and becoming an aquatic director for the YMCA.  As a director for the YMCA, I lived in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire for a few years.  However, the cold winters were not really for this southern girl!  I moved back to home base, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I have been here since.  I guess that best sums up how I got here!