Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lemon Squares 1 Stacy 0

I'm a Southern Girl with a "Yankee" accent.  I grew up overseas and after college, I worked for a few years in the Northeast.  I refer to myself as a Third Culture Kid.  With Spring finally here, I thought I'd make Lemon Squares.  My brother really likes them.  So that I don't mislead you, I have baked a lot.  I have even thought about culinary school a few times, even.  However, these lemon squares, didn't come out right.  Hence, Lemon Squares 1, Stacy  0.  I feel like I failed a Southern right of passage.  What Southern Girl can't make lemon squares?  (I think it's the recipe.)  I'll try my hand at lemon squares again someday in the future next time I'll use my mom's version!  Martha Stewart you let me down this time!  

(One Turned Out Nicely!)


  1. this title made me laugh! too funny!

    xoxo from nyc &

    1. Thanks! I should try your cookies soon! In my defense the lemon bars were all eaten. I guess they tasted good? They just didn't look pretty! =)