Monday, February 11, 2013

Pink Velvet Cupcakes...

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I'd try mixing things up.  I used this recipe but I left out the cocoa powder.  When I did some research on velvet cakes, I noted most recipes left out the cocoa powder.  The cocoa powder tends to turn the batter a dark color with a brown tint.  I also used pink food coloring, not red food coloring.  For the frosting I used this recipe, only because I wanted something different.  I guess I wasn't feeling cream cheese frosting today?  I'm not sure I hit the mark I was looking for.  The cakes are super moist and fluffy, thanks to the sour cream.  Although I've got to be honest-- they're clearly lacking that buttermilk taste that I enjoy in a velvet cake.  I plan on trying another recipe.  So, I'll keep you posted!  The color on these was perfect!  Happy Valentine's Day, for those of you who love a Hallmark holiday!  

If you're wondering, I used Candy Melts to make the hearts.  I just added pink food coloring, and used a squirt bottle to help create heart shapes.  Parchment paper is the perfect surface to use because the hearts slide right off, when they are dry.  

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