Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Salty and Sweet...

One of my most favorite combos is salty and sweet.  There's just something about the sweet mixed with salt.  It's like you kill two birds with one stone.  Also, the salt seems to bring out more flavor.  Since sea salt has become rather popular in resent years, it is now frequently used in baking.  Anytime I see or have an opportunity to try a dessert with salt, I jump on it. 

These brownies seemed much like a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  However, they were a pleasant surprise.  I didn't have Fleur de Sel, so I used a sea salt that, I had on hand.  I also used a little maple flavoring, to just to mix it up.  Plus, I didn't think I had enough chocolate chips on hand so, I broke up a chocolate bar for a chunkier chip.  I'll definitely make these again, when I have a sweet and salty craving!  

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