Saturday, February 2, 2013

Surf's Up...

Dear J.Crew, 

Let's catch up.  After months of sending me silly emails of items that greatly missed "the" mark, you finally hit bullseye with this rash guard!  You see, I fancy myself a surfer.  I've surfed in WASPY Kennebunk, ME the past two summers with my best friend, Alice.  I feel like this rash guard would make me look like a bad, ass, pirate, surfer chick.  Yet, I'd still be refined with the classic stripes.  Also, with this purchase, I'd hope to avoid the hives the rented wetsuit gave me last summer.  Mind you, I learned a valuable lesson: Benadryl, is a wonder drug.   J.Crew, if our annual affectionately dubbed "Surfing with the Monks" trip happens this summer... I'll do you proud by sporting this as I ride the waves.    

J.Crew Striped Rash Guard

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